Text message keyboard does not always appear after tapping message field

I have a Moto G4Plus and noticed recently the keyboard doesn’t always pop up after clicking in message screen. Any suggestions? Ghost something or another???

Hi @bettyyoungweber and welcome back to the Member Community. I do not have a Moto G4 Plus but a search of the forum found the following that might help.

Moto G4 Ghost Touch

Moto 4g ghost touch issue

Other members might have other suggestions and items to check too! Hope this helps.

Hi @bettyyoungweber,

Humm :thinking:…take a look at this procedure to see if Gboard is on:

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It looks like it is on. The problem is not constant. It comes and goes. That’s why it may be the ghost touch issures…Thanks so much for speedy response…

Were you able to try any of the suggestions @freddyp provided?

I don’t really want to do a factory reset and deal with adding apps back. I will lower brightness and do a bit more research and see what I come up with and will let you know. Thanks again.

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Hi @bettyyoungweber,

I think if you were experiencing the Ghost Touch issue, you’d see more situations where the phone acts like it is responding to touch, when you haven’t touched it at all.

So, instead of tapping and seeing no keyboard, you’d look at your phone and see the keyboard mysteriously launch itself and maybe a couple of random characters appear to be typed. Or you’d see apps launch themselves when the home screen or app drawer is open.

Tapping and getting no reaction suggests to me that the touchscreen is failing to recognize your touch for some reason. Have you cleaned the screen really well lately? Is the phone wearing a screen protector? (I may have a screen protector for the Moto G4+ I could send you, if you’d like to try a replacement). You said it happens only sometimes - have you determined if that “sometimes” is associated with the spot you’re tapping? Maybe you just have one bad spot on the touchscreen and tapping elsewhere still works. Have you tried rotating the phone before tapping to see if tapping somewhere else to launch the keyboard works?

Have you rebooted the phone and cleared the cache lately? (No personal content is lost with either of those steps.)

If there’s a Moto “Help” app on the G4+, you might try looking through it for a hardware test that evaluates the touchscreen. There are also apps that can help you determine if a certain spot on the touchscreen has stopped responding.

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I think you are right about what is going on and have provided some great solutions to try. I think rebooting and clearing cache will help. Thanks so much!

Is there a specific reboot function and cache clearing? I just turn the phone off and on hoping that will help. t still happens no and then. Seems pretty random.

Thanks again…

Turning the phone off and back on is rebooting, so long as you’re really powering it down, not just turning the screen off and on. When the phone is on, you can hold the power button for several seconds and the phone will reboot.

As far as clearing the cache, it’s a little more complicated, but can be really useful for clearing up quirks on the Moto G4+. Instructions are here:

Please let us know if you see any improvement.

I did the clear cache reboot. So far no delay in text keyboard appearing. Thanks for all the help!


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