Text Message Phone Number Changed on My Phone

I have a Pixel 4 and something strange has happened.

I’ve had the phone for several months, but a few weeks ago i noticed that I had two numbers attached to my phone. I went into my Google account and deleted the second number.

But now when I send text messages, the people that get them say they are coming from the number I removed.

I’ve done some research and can’t find anything on this. So, any help would be appreciated.

Hello @randys.qzrgke,

If you are using Google Messages and have RCS on, please turn it off and let us know if it helps :slight_smile:

Hi @randys.qzrgke,

Could you please take a look at this conversation and see if what we’re discussing there sounds similar to what you’ve experienced? Google Verified secondary number randomly

Especially check to see if the second number you saw before is showing up on the phone in the Google messaging settings, like I asked about 6 posts down in that topic.

I had the same problem but the odd thing for me was that RCS wasn’t on. But it did fix the problem when I turned it on and back off again. However, when I turned it on and off, it automatically removed me from a couple group conversations. I’m not worried about that, I just wanted to get the correct phone number back. As a side note, I called my cell with the other number and it worked as well.

I am also experiencing the same thing and this is very annoying. I’m using a Google Pixel 3XL.

Please see this topic Google Verified secondary number randomly - #6 by southpaw, and tell us if setting the other number to “do not use” resolves the problem. You may have to reboot the phone or toggle the Chat features off and back on a few times to get the wrong number to clear out of the Messages app.

This is what I did to solve it:

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