Text message that disappears


I keep getting notifications about texts that say “message not downloaded.” When I click on this error message, it brings me to a text message box with no text or indication where it came from. This keeps happening each day many times. Does anyone know what this is?

The phone is a Moto E (2nd generation).


Hi @richardm.k98v6i,

I’m very sorry to see that no one in our Member Community had an answer for you. I’ve found those texts to be just false texts, some kind of stray information coming into the texting app that just isn’t being processed correctly by the app. Any time I’ve ever followed up with the phone number it was associated with to say, “Did you send me something?” the answer has always been no.

Happening each day and many times would be annoying, though. Is it still happening?


Thanks. It has stopped.


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