Text messages are delayed

What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? My choice + 2 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I have noticed for a few months now that text messages are delayed in coming to my phone. I use the republic anywhere messaging app. Sometimes messages are delayed by a few minutes, sometimes hours, and sometimes I get a text the next day. The App will show the correct time when the message was sent by the person but it just doesn’t come to my app until later. there also may be times where my outgoing texts are delayed but it’s hard to say for sure.

Hello @brianw.mplty0

Please give this help article a look through.

If you still have issue after trying it’s suggestions you probably should open a ticket (again per the article). :slight_smile:

Good Morning @brianw.mplty0,

Just checking in to see if this is sorted for you or not?

Thanks for checking. It’s not resolved. I’ve tried everything suggested short of a factory reset and it hasn’t resolved it. I’ll open a ticket next.

Hi @brianw.mplty0,

Before resorting to either a ticket or factory reset, would you be comfortable sharing a zip code? The experience might be explained by spotty cellular coverage.

It would also help us better help you to know which SIM type your Moto X4 is provisioned with:

It says GSM. I am usually I’m zip codes 20852 and 22102.

Hi @brianw.mplty0,

There are pockets of “fair” strength GSM signal in both zip codes. Here’s how Republic’s GSM network partner (T-Mobile) describes that: “Cell coverage outdoors and occasionally indoors”. In my experience, indoors includes being in a moving vehicle. Moving in and out of these fair strength signal areas might easily explain your unfortunate experience.

In my opinion, it would be worth trying the alternate cellular coverage offered by Republic’s CDMA network partner (Sprint). To make that request, please follow the process outlined by Republic here:

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Ok, thanks for the suggestion. I have requested the CDMA SIM Card.

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I’ve noticed this also with SMS messages. Says to use the Republic Wireless text messenger app or the android default app. The android tends to work better than the Republic Wireless messenger app.

Hi @rolandh, I put in the new sim card but the configuration isn’t completing. I have no cell service. If I try to call someone I get a pop-up message like “an update needs to be completed. Press ok and then ok on the next screen. A restart may be required.” I press ok but the next screen never comes. I’ve restarted a couple times too.

Hi @brianw.mplty0,

Please see if this article helps you resolve the cellular configuration issue you are facing:

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