Text messages arrive chopped up/fragmented/missing parts after phone turned on XT1049 Moto X1

Is there a better message app than the default one that comes with the XT1049 MotoX1 ?

Hi @brucem.s6ifki and welcome to the Member Community. I’m don’t have a MotoX1 so am not sure what the default messaging app is.

Do know that other messaging apps may work, but Republic Wireless only supports the Messages by Google and the Republic Anywhere applications.

See here - Which Messaging App Should I Use? – Republic Help

Hope this helps answer your question about which app to use. Was a little confused by the title of the post.

HI FreddyP,

thanks for responding.

If I turn off the phone, and a text message was sent to me while the phone was off, when I open the messages app to check my messages, if the original message was longer than a few words, it is broken up into several messages which arrive out of order, and each message may be missing several words or parts of words so I have to rearrange and piece together the words to make a coherent message. Sometimes I can’t make head or tail of the whole mess.

Does that clarify ?

Hi @brucem.s6ifki,

The bundled Messaging app on your Moto X1 is deprecated and no longer supported by Google or Motorola. Give Messages by Google a try and let us know if things improve or not.

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Hi @brucem.s6ifki and thanks for additional information on the problem. Sounds like you might be experiencing a known problem currently under investigation. See here - Text Messages Truncated

If you think this is not what you’re experiencing then there is a text troubleshooting article Troubleshooting Texting Issues – Republic Help

Please come back to the Community and ask any specific questions if this does not help! Others may jump in if they have a better solution :smiley:

The first troubleshooting step should be trying the Messages by Google app as suggested by @rolandh

Agreed, however, this doesn’t usually manifest itself in the form of multiple messages that may be pieced together. Generally, the truncated message is simply cut off.


@rolandh thanks for clarifying that point. I experienced the message truncation and message parts coming in out of order on a legacy Moto G1. An update to Messages by Google fixed that (at least for us). Updating our phones to Moto G7’s was been an even better update :smiley:

Fingers crossed changing the default app to Messages by Google fixes the entire problem for brucem.s6ifki

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