Text messages arrive in Chinese. (June 2020)

Is this issue still going on? I was just texting with a friend that has an iphone and 2 back to back messages from him were in what looked like a chinese script. Then the next one was normal. I am on a pixel 3xl using Anywhere as my messanger. Thank you.

This just happened to me twice in a morning from two different people. The texts look normal at their end but arrive in Chinese at my end. Any current ideas/solutions?

This just happened to my wife as well. 2 different people sending longer texts with no emojis. Seems like it is an issue that is popping up again.

Hi @Zandy, @omam, and @Jfreak12116,

Thanks for letting us know you’re seeing this issue all of a sudden.

Can you tell us anything more about what’s going on? Are the senders always using iPhones?
What mobile providers are your senders using?


All iphones. Not sure at this point what providers they are using.

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Is it every inbound text message, or just from certain senders?

2 senders so far. Only longer text messages. Those same people have sent shorter messages that came through.

One sent a photo of their previous message and I retyped and sent the same message, but it went through (but that is republic to republic and andriod to andriod).

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Also…one of those senders just sent a message just with emojis and it came through. Seems to be just longer texts.

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I don’t text much. Just happened today with one sender using iPhone on Verizon. Probably his business phone with Wells Fargo. He and I text just several times a week. But every day for the last few days.


[Screenshot redacted since it contained a first and last name.]

Thanks. Our engineers are taking a look and I’m creating a Master ticket about the matter now. Any extra details you can think of will be helpful.

This is not likely to be something that will be resolved by an adjustment on the phone itself.

On mine he sent about 14 clear, 2 back to back Chinese, the 6 good texts. No special characters sent. Just standard text.

Messages from a friend with an iPhone keep coming through in Chinese. This just began today, and only happens with her longer messages (3+ sentences) so far. Not sure if she is including emojis or not (no emojis have come through). The messages are in English on her end, and when she forwards them to others. But if I copy-paste the Chinese to her, then she can see it. This is happening on my Mac as well as on my Moto X4.

Thanks for the quick response! Both senders were using iPhones, one with Verizon, one with T-Mobile. They sent messages that came through just fine and then a random one appeared in Chinese characters. At least one of the messages didn’t contain any emojis.

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Text message sent to my wife a short while ago was also in Chinese. I requested the sender to text it to me also, and got the same result. Both Republic Moto phones using Anywhere.

Thanks, @dh2a
Is the sender using an iPhone?

We’ve opened Master Ticket 1914541 as we investigate this matter with our messaging provider. It is not necessary to open a ticket if you are experiencing the issue, however, if you do so, please ask that it be attached to Master Ticket 1914541.

We’ll provide updates on our status page at https://status.republicwireless.com/incidents/gj6yd4k3mzf3

I’ll update here with any news, as well.

I just had a failure on my Moto X4.
I sent short msg to my Verizon iPhone, and responded with a fairly long message that I copied/pasted … it showed up in my RW phone as Chinese. Using a different text I was unable to replicate, however with the original data, it has failed 3 out of 3 times. I will DM you the failing text I pasted into my iPhone.

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Hi @jben,

Thank you for your attention to the matter!
There’s no need for any additional troubleshooting or discovery, as our engineers have been able to replicate the issue.

ok, thanks

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This just happened to me. I have a moto E (2nd Gen). I have a friend who I have been texting for years. All of a sudden today (starting a few hours ago) her longer messages are in Chinese, while a few days ago they were normal. She did not send any emojis in her texts. Her phone is an IPhone on Verizon, and short texts still work. I have tried to switch from wifi to cell, but that didn’t help.

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