Text messages coming in a different language

I’m going to put this out there to see if anyone has seen this before or has any ideas how to fix it. I am one of three on-call people where I work. We use a ticketing system called BMC Remedy. When a ticket is put into the system a text message is sent to the primary on-call person. The text generally has the ticket number, reporting party and a brief description of the issue. Now this has only been happening to me, some but not all of those text messages come to me in Chinese. I can go into the system and see that a text message was sent to me so they are coming from the system. Just can’t figure out why or how to fix it. This has happened on two different phones one a Moto G4 and the other a Moto G Play.

I think this is someone’s idea of a joke. Copy the text and paste it into this:


I see mixed Asian characters without much resemblance to sentence structure.

How does the system send text messages? Is it via a text message service or is it being sent through email to sms ?


I don’t see this as a joke, this is an automated system, and it is sporadic. Here is the last test I received



 I'm not sure if the system send text messages or email to sms, I will ask that question. As for the Asian characters I think you are right there is no sentence structure. I translated it and it was garbled.

Wow, this is a weird problem. I thought it must be a joke for two reasons:

  1. It only happens to you which seems to absolve the source system.

  2. It has happened to you on two different phones which seems to absolve your phone.

Since the process is automated I agree it isn’t a joke so perhaps it has something to do with the way RW interacts with the source system. @seanr do you have any thoughts on this?

No thoughts. Probably what ever platform they are using is sending the message sporadically so broken that it is coming in this way. We have no translation system but alternate characters can be confused when the message is so broken. Probably happens when the message has some unrecognizable character in it. Our side would not do this.

I don’t know what to think. Of course they say everything looks good on their side, but yet it continues. I’ll keep an eye out for the size of the message. Maybe bigger messages are sent in pieces and then get garbled.

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