Text Messages disappeared in Anywhere after last update

What phone do you have?
Moto G4 plus
What plan are you on?
1 gb
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
1 gb data

Issue Description

All of my text messages disappeared in Anywhere after last update. I have nothing before 7am today.

Hi @chunga0z,

If you switch to the Messages app by Google, do they re-appear? If you log into Anywhere on a computer are they available?


I can see them all in Anywhere on my computer. As for the messages app, if it’s the one that has a blue icon, Yes, they are all there.

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Thanks @chunga0z,

I’m glad to hear they are still available in Anywhere on the computer and on the phone in the Messages app. I’ve let our technicians know there may be something going on here that needs to be looked into.

Meanwhile, if you have text messages that are important to you, you might want to consider backing them up regularly using a third-party app. I’m sure our Community members can suggest an app that they use to do so.

Hi @chunga0z,

I like this app for backing up text messages on Androids:

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Our technicians are interested in investigating this experience. Would you be willing to submit a ticket that would provide us with some logs? Instructions to do so are here:

How to Submit Republic Anywhere Logs to Republic Help – Republic Help

When describing the issue, just tell them that all your text messages disappeared and you’re submitting logs for Southpaw. If you’ll let me know the ticket number once you’ve done so, I’ll try to get the ticket to the right team.

One of our technicians did mention he had seen something similar in testing, and that by force-stopping the app (from Android Settings > Apps) and rebooting the phone, the issue was resolved.


I’ve had the same thing happen to me with my Moto E4. Also, the Anywhere icon on my phone now has a white circle around it and it does not function the same way it used to (old texts disappeared, after typing a text and sending the text window closes, deleting a text with the text open it does not disappear until you back out of the text, etc). My wife has the same plan and phone but the app did not change (does not have the white circle around the icon, etc). I would rather have the older version if this is an update.

I submitted the ticket #1636414 and got a response to uninstall and reinstall Anywhere. I did that and all my messages have still not returned. They are only visible in the standard messages app or in the Anywhere app on my PC.


Hi @chunga0z,

Did you use the method I linked to - using the “Report an issue” button in the Anywhere app to open your ticket? I’m not seeing that any logs were submitted.

I did it from the Anywhere app on my PC. Was I supposed to do it from my phone?

Yes, please @chunga0z, that would help, since the messages are missing only on the phone. If you wouldn’t mind doing so from the phone’s app, just say “this ticket is just to add Anywhere logs to ticket #1636414.” Our team will merge the two tickets and the new ticket will also send some log files our developers can use to determine why the Anywhere app on the phone is no longer loading the messages.

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Would the “resync messages from server” option help here?

Please know doing so will delete any messages more than 30 days old on your phone unless those are backed up first. Republic stores only the last 30 days of text message content on its servers.

Hi Southpaw. I tried to report an issue from the Anywhere app in my phone. Every time I try, it tells me to login. I then log in and give the message info. When I click submit., I get this error message “Error. Cannot submit a ticket. You are not authenticated. Please log in again.” I click OK and it takes me back to the login screen. I try again, and the exact same thing happens. I went to the republic app and saw I was logged in, so I logged out and back in again. I tried again to submit the ticket in the Anywhere app and same thing. I then rebooted my phone and tried again, to no avail. What else can I do?



Hi @chunga0z,

Thanks for trying. I’ll pass that info along to the developers, as it may be related to why Anywhere can’t load your text messages for you to view.

Can the resolution to this issue be posted publicly? I am having the same issue as of April as well.

@erical.9glil1 - I don’t know how to share publicly but let me know if you can see all the messages back and forth between me and support.

@chunga0z and @erical.9glil1, please know Republic’s online Community is a public Internet forum. No one here can or should see interaction with support occurring on a ticket as there may be personally identifying and/or confidential information.

@chunga0z, if Republic staff was able to resolve this issue for you via help ticket, posting a summary of the would certainly help @erical.9glil1 and others in the Community and be most appreciated.

Hi @erical.9glil1,

My daughter had the same experience with her text messages disappearing. I had her try the Messaging app by Google, and the text messages appeared there. Apparently, something about the update caused Anywhere to lose track of where the messages are stored on the phone. (They are stored in database on the phone that all messaging apps with permission to do so can read.)
She then uninstalled and reinstalled Anywhere, and it was once again able to display the text messages.

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