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Ever since the upgrade to Android 10 I have been having issues with SMS messages disappearing from both my queue and my archived sections. I have researched this online and have not been able to find any solutions. It is frustrating because I had important messages in my archived section. It happens randomly and restarting the phone does not help. I’ve also tried stopping the app and restarting it to no avail. I have also tried texting with the new Chat Features both on and off, and they disappear no matter which setting is on.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I feel that I am missing text messages as well, which I cannot afford as an independent consultant.

Thank you!

Hi @brians.rywefy,

Is this happening in the Messages app by Google? :messages:

@brians.rywefy Are you still needing help with this issue?

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It is, I didn’t get any updates that something happened in the thread.

Hi @brians.rywefy,

I’m sorry you didn’t see my reply on August 10. I asked if the issue you’ve described is happening in the Messages app by Google? :messages:

It sounds like that’s what you’re describing, but I just wanted to confirm it to be sure.

If you install Republic Anywhere are the missing messages available?


Sorry I missed this message, it went to my spam folder.

It is happening in the Google Messages app. I have not tried it using Republic Anywhere.

Hi @brians.rywefy

Were you able to test with Republic Anywhere yet? If so, does the problem persist?

If your texts contain important information, I recommend you backup your texts periodically. Here is a link to an app that is frequently recommended and used :

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