Text messages fail to send

Hi Southpaw,

Please see our above conversation.

It happened again yesterday in my local area where I have never had an issue before.

I wrote a text and it came back…“not send. tap to try again.” And kept doing it no matter how many times I tapped it.

So something must be wrong. Do I need to write a help ticket?


It happened again in Waynesboro/Stuarts draft area today. I could reach my home area via phone ok, but the text would not go through. As of 6 8 hours later, it still has not sent.
And my wife sent me a text this evening within my normal area and it took what seems like an hour to arrive.

Again, do I need a help ticket opened?


Hi @robertr.210,

Even though you are seeing my replies by E-mail and you are replying by E-mail, the conversation is taking place in our Member Community. I’ve moved your posts about the texting issue into our #problems category so the Community can troubleshoot with you. Let’s go over a few basics before we move this to a ticket, maybe it won’t be necessary.

I did write, in the earlier reply, “Can you let us know the next time you’re there if you’re still having issues texting.” What I meant, was we’d need to troubleshoot with you when you’re there. Because there’s going to be some amount of “try this, did it work?” and testing required. It’s hard to troubleshoot a problem when you’re not actually experiencing it.

I understand you can’t go to these places and just sit there and wait for a reply. I had also asked if the area where it’s happening is where you’re moving. I was thinking once you get settled in, we’d have the best opportunity to troubleshoot.

But let’s go ahead and try to figure out what we can.
You can make calls. That’s a good fact to have handy.
The text message you sent 6-8 hours ago still has not sent, even though you are back home now. Have you tapped to resend?

When you’re at home, you’re on Wi-Fi, right? What happens if you turn off Wi-Fi (on your phone) and try to send text messages?

When you’re in one of these areas where the text message will not send, are you able to open Chrome and use the internet?

When you’re in one of these areas where the text message will not send, what do you see in the status tray (top right of the screen) about your cell connectivity? How many “bars” of signal strength? What does it show for cellular data?

Could you please tell the Community what kind of phone you have so someone can send you the right instructions to make sure you have data enabled?

And what text messaging app are you using?

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