Text Messages for 2FA if phone dies

Is there a way (besides Anywhere) to login via a website to check text messages?
I am worried as this 2 factor authentication gains ground that my phone my die on me, and I will not be able to complete 2 factor authentication. I would rather not install Anywhere, but if that is the only way, I guess I need to before the phone dies, or can you install it after the fact?
Thanks very much!

Hi @muerte33,

Republic does not offer a way to view text message content via a website. Google’s Messages for Web works on devices other than one’s phone but only if the phone is operable and connected to the Internet.

For this use case, I would suggest installing Anywhere on other compatible devices. While Anywhere on other devices works best with Anywhere also installed on one’s phone, it’s not a requirement.


Some tips here:

I guess I need to install anywhere on my Windows 10 machine then. It is either that or have a phone ready to move to just in case of failure.

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