Text messages from RW to Google Voice not being received

Hi @SpeedingCheetah!

I have tried to reproduce this between two Republic phones, but I have been unable to. Have you tried the usual tricks (clearing the Republic cache, resetting the Republic connections, and refreshing the activation)?

However, I did find out that texting to my Google Voice doesn’t appear to be working via Republic phones on or off WiFi. I have tried two separate RW phones with no success. I used an iphone on Cricket to send texts to the Google Voice number with success. Do note that I am able to receive texts from the GV number to my Republic phone.

@Ambassadors can any of you try to reproduce this?

Update: cleared cache, reset Republic connections, and refreshed the activation. Still not going through to GV number.

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I can replicate it.

I cannot send a text from RW to GV
I can send a text from GV to RW
I can send a text from Cricket to RW and vice versa.
I can send a text from Cricket to GV and vice versa.

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Ok. Thanks. Looks like something is happening between the two.

Thanks @mb2x and @theresar. I’ve opened Master Ticket 1880220 so we can investigate the issue, and have opened a ticket with our messaging partner, as well.


Hi, I believe the breakdown between RW and GV began 09 April 2020.


I received my RW to GV messages sometime during the night. I just sent some new ones that I have not yet received. @mb2x, did you ever receive yours?

I am having the same issue. I have 2 RW numbers and GV is not receiving messages from either of them. The RW numbers do receive messages from GV, however.

@theresar no. I never received them . I sent a bunch too.

Hi @mb2x, @theresar, @dxm, and @mac.cpe,

Around 5:00 p.m. ET Saturday, our messaging partner confirmed they had identified the cause of the issue and were working with Google Voice on a resolution.

Although they have not yet followed up to confirm that resolution is in place, I’m now seeing my text messages from RW to Google Voice successfully delivered. Please let me know if you’re still having trouble with RW text message delivery to Google Voice.

Hi @southpaw,

Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, my messages from RW are still NOT being received by GV.

Does the partner or GV have an ETA? Will previously sent messages be delivered upon resolution? It’s been > 48 hours since my initial observation. Thank you.

Mine are now working as well (like @southpaw). I’ve tested with several GV numbers both on and off wifi. Can you test again?

Mine are also working now. I have not received any of the ones I sent yesterday, but the ones from today are coming through right away.

@southpaw, success here! The old ones were never delivered, but I was able to send one and receive it.

Working for me! Thanks!

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Hi @dxm,

We’ve not had any further update since I last reported. Since the issue you describe began much earlier than had been reporteed here, and others here are now seeing messages delivered, I wonder if the issue you are expecting is something other than this incident.

Has your GV recipient reported the issue as well?


Our messaging partner is now reporting the issue with Google Voice is resolved, and they are awaiting our response confirming our own testing is now successful. Please let me know if text messages sent from your Republic phones are still not reaching GV numbers.

Hi @southpaw,

New messages from RW are now being delivered to and received by GV. (Disappointingly, the previously sent messages have not been delivered however.)

Thank you for your help and follow ups.

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