Text messages getting broken up and scrambled

What phone do you have? Moto G

What plan are you on? Republic Refund

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes, data

Issue Description

Some text messages get broken into multiple small parts, anywhere from 1 or 2 words to a couple lines long, and sent in random order. When this happens, there are usually 4-5 parts; half the parts show up as from the sender, and half show up in a separate conversation with my number as the sender. This happens on 2 Moto G’s, and started on both at the same time, several months ago. It seems to be more likely with texts from other Republic customers; texts from others are more likely to be OK. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the phone is on wifi or cell.

What’s causing this, and how do I fix it?

As you have a problem that is across two phones, appears on both cell and WiFi and has been ongoing for several months it could be an App that got added/updated on both phones at the time of onset

  • I would place one of the phones in Safe Mode and see if that fixes it
    • I fixed, then respond back for some help in narrowing it down
    • If not fixed, then you might want to Open a Ticket

Thanks for the reply, but it’s definitely not caused by an update. Nothing gets updated on either phone, except certain specific apps that are on only one of them, because I find most updates are much more likely to cause problems than solve them. My guess is it’s a problem with the system, not the phones.

I’ll open a ticket tomorrow if nothing turns up.

The first thing that support is going to ask is that you update everything. It is impossible to provide support on old versions of apps and the system as you don’t have the bug fixes and feature updates that have been issued. In fact there has been rash of recent texting issues with the old Messaging App that Google replaced with Messages and those that didn’t update have been experiencing the issue.

As a side note, not updating the phone leaves you open to every known vulnerability that is patched in these updates. Not updating means walking around with a massive pile of security vulnerabilities in your pocket.


In your ticket you may want to ask them to check if it might be related to master ticket noted here.

I initially didn’t try Messages because RW’s website said it requires
Android 6 or higher; these phones are Android 5. Google Play says it’s
compatible, but the reviews for this model phone are all 1- or 2-star over
the last year, and mention some pretty major problems, so I’m hesitant to
try it. But thanks for the idea; I think I’ll try a different messaging app
or two.

As for your other comments, I don’t want to take the thread off topic, but I
will say that I don’t update these phones because I got tired of the
constant fatal problems updates created, which required several hours of MSL
resetting and reconfiguring every time, and made the phones non-functional
for a day or two, often at very inconvenient times. That gets really old
when you have to redo it every month or two. Not updating made these phones
rock-solid for about 3 years.

Thanks for pointing that out. Most of the problems look different than we’re seeing, but seems they’re likely related.

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