Text messages I send sometimes have unknown phone number

Occasionally when I send a text message the recipient asks why my message is coming from a phone number they don’t recognize and I don’t recognize it either. It’s totally different than the phone number associated with my RW account. I seem to remember hearing something about there being two phone numbers associated with an MVNO (I believe RW is an MVNO): one is the RW given number and one is the number known by the actual cell service provider (in this case T-Mobile). My questions:

  • Am I right in assuming the unrecognizable phone number is one assigned to my phone by T-Mobile?
  • Why does that unrecognizable number occasionally display on phones I’m sending texts to?

Thanks for any help with this issue.

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Please let us know if this fixes your issue:

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That’s helpful. However, if I don’t want to disable “Chat Features” which I’d rather not do, how can I get the phone number which “Chat Features” displays to be the same as my RW phone number. I’d add that my wife has the same phone and O.S. level as I do has her “Chat Features” enabled and the phone number showing on her “Chat Features” display screen is the same as her RW phone number. Why is mine different?

Unfortunately the symptoms you have experienced are due to RCS Chat being enabled. Please see these explanations of the issue from Republic:

You can’t consistently.

Because Google developed a new feature in a vacuum, and when it works, it works, when it doesn’t Google doesn’t provide support and also didn’t provide the phone carriers any way to troubleshoot other than just stuff you can find on Google, no insight or view in to the infrastructure, no control over how it works at all. So, when something goes wrong the only option a company like can Republic can offer is to turn off the broken “Feature”.

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