Text messages not coming through

text messages not coming through for my wife.

Moto X Pure
My Choice Plan, no data

issue for at least a week now. she is not receiving messages from me, my sister, her friend Jill…

not cool

The generic instructions are here

If you will share what you have tried so far, any error messages you might be getting…then we can offer more focussed suggestions.

If you prefer individualized support then I recommend that you submit a ticket.


i will start with the list and go from there, thank you. keep you posted.:slightly_smiling_face:


worked like a champ thanks

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@barabbas Any update on whether you were able to resolve this issue?

@louisdi seems better without my having done anything, but i will make sure to work on it tonight with the article here, and see what happens

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@louisdi ok i got as far down the list as Troubleshooting Tips and have cleared the system cache. we will see if that helps. everything else appears to be as recommended. Keep you posted

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ok, looks like she is still having the issue sometimes. she says from two friends specifically, both of them on iPhones. thoughts? finish the article maybe?

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