Text messages on new phone

I have a new Moto G phone and am not receiving group text messages. What can I do to correct.


Check if this might help


this is not my problem. I had trouble with my old phone as well. I get all one person texts but if they send them as a group, I do not receive them.

Thank you.

Hi @lindao.vx1mdv,

If one person sends you a photo by text message, do you receive it?

Is it a particularly large group of people in the group text that you’re not receiving?

Have you made sure data and roaming data are enabled on your phone?

Yes I do get pictures from one person.

It is a group of 4

Hi @lindao.vx1mdv - in addition to @southpaw 's questions and recommendation you could try working your way through the following guide for troubleshooting texting issues.

Also recommend you make sure RCS chat is disabled in the Google messaging app. It has been known to cause some issues if enabled. Won’t hurt to disable RCS just to eliminate it from the mix.

Hope this helps!