Text messages out of order

What phone do you have? Moto G 5 plus

What plan are you on? Mobile data plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All

Issue Description

This problem started this afternoon, and it presented as text messages showing up out of order. The current messages were halfway up the message thread appearing as though they were occurring several days before. Also my message inbox shows new messages coming in as being older than previous messages.

Very confusing! I’ve tried to look for a setting to refresh messages by date and time and I cannot find this option.

Please help!

which texting app are you using
Republic Anywhere :anywhere:?
Messages by Google :messages:?
some other app?

I don’t believe there is a sort by in either Messages or anywhere as the messages are listed in order received.
I would first try and go and clear the cache of the app your using (Phone Setting :gear: --> Apps & Notifications --> App info --> the texting app your using --> Storage, and tap the clear cache button, (it may not hurt to even clear the data as this would not remove any texts or attachments from your phone)

Is the time on your phone showing correctly?


No I just realized the date on my phone is showing incorrectly!

And the time is incorrect by a half hour

Now I have corrected the time a date/time zone and cleared the cache&data on my messaging app. Still no changes to the inbox set up or within message threads.

I’m using messages by Google.

Unfortunately, I believe that when the message comes in it is stamped with the date/time and once that happens, correcting the time on the phone won’t fix the timestamp on the messages and they’ll remain “out of order” based on the incorrect time stamp.


Thank you! I understand that functionality better now. I appreciate your response!


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