Text messages sent from Android Auto and Anywhere PC app, don't appear on phone until it's rebooted

What phone do you have?
Samsung Galaxy S7

Issue Description

I’ve experienced this on my old Moto G4 for some time and got use to it, but I see it still happening when I moved to an S7 that had fresh install of everything.
When I use the Anywhere App from a PC (happens more with group text) or sending a text message while talking with Google Assistant in the car, the messages don’t appear in the Anywhere app on the phone until I reboot the phone. If I send the message from the app on the phone, I see it on the PC right away.

I’ve tried the reset “Local Content” on the phone and PC many times, but it continues to happen.


Hi @brickb,

I’ve not heard of this issue before, and it’s odd that you’ve had it carry over to a second phone. This makes me think it is something unique about your setup that was duplicated on the new phone.

Have you made sure all the requested permissions are enabled in Anywhere?

Do you have an apps on the phone that are intended to protect the phone?

“Requested Permissions?” Yes, I believe so. I can send and receive messages, attach photos, and make calls from the app.

“Protect Apps”, No Apps that I can think of. This problem happened on the Moto X4 and now the Samsung S7.

I love being unique in the world.

Do you have the most current version of the Anywhere app?


I gave up trying to fix the problem when it started happening to my wife on her computer too.

I just switched to Microsoft Your Phone on my PC and Google Messenger on the phone.

Thank you

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