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I had a gentlemen reach out to me whose old cell phone number is now my secondary number. He is trying to log into some of his old accounts and wants to send security codes to the number on file (his old number and my secondary number), I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but I’m willing to help the guy because he’s in a pinch, but is there any way to receive text messages to a secondary number to pass on those security codes? Thanks!

The problem here is, how can you be sure it’s his old number? It could just as easily be an ex wife or old girlfriend’s number. You can’t be sure the guy is not using you to break in to someone else’s account. While the possibility may be remote, I would walk away.


Thanks for the advice. I never thought of it that way. He seems like he’s in a pinch, and that’s a pretty elaborate scheme. I suppose it’s a possibility.

I think that many of us would take the same caution as @cbwahlstrom and ‘walk away’

The other thing is that you likely can’t help him even if you wanted. My secondary number can receive no text messages.

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This is the case for all newer Republic compatible phones using My Choice plans.

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@rolandh, so the final answer is, I can’t receive text messages to my secondary number? I have a moto X4.

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You are correct.

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