Text messages truncated / default text app?

Phone: Moto E 2nd gen
Plan: old rebate plan

I am getting truncated text messages, e.g. original message 68 characters, I received it truncated at 52 characters.
Message was received from the wireless carrier (not wireless) when going online after being offline/wireless. Message is complete in RepublicAnywhere on the PC, but I refuse to install special apps from Republic on my phone just for the basic idea or receiving text messages.

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Also, are we supposed to install Google Messages vs. Google Messaging, and if yes, what is the point of doing so? I’m happy with Google Messaging. If there is a point, what are the risks? I have several years worth of text messages on my phone - will they be migrated to Google Messages?

Also, why is it possible for RW to retain all incoming text messages on their servers and feed them to the RepublicAnywhere app and the PC application whenever they become online on WiFi, but not to the default texting app via WiFi? Whenever I’m on WiFi only, I miss all text messages until I’m on the wireless network again. Receiving it on the PC defeats the purpose of texting.

It appears that while I’m on WiFi, incoming texts are forwarded directly to my device, cutting out the middleman (the wireless provider); but when I’m offline then back on WiFi (but not wireless), all texts are missing, presumably stuck in the wireless network? Something is not thought through here.

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