Text Messages Truncated

I have a Moto G (8GB) (1st Gen.) (yes, the same device I got when I first joined RW five plus years ago).

I am on the Republic Refund 0.5GB plan.

Pretty sure it includes both data and text & talk.

Issue Description

Beginning last week, it seems longer text messages are coming through truncated. For example, last week, a person (not on RW, I think using an iPhone) who had just days before texted a long message to me (~150 characters, all came through), texted two other long messages (don’t know how long, probably not as long as the 150 character one), and both were truncated at about 55 characters.

Now, in the past couple of days, my wife (who has a Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) and is also a RW subscriber) and I have exchanged several moderately lengthy texts, only to have them become truncated. Her texts to me are truncated at about 50 characters, and it seems one I sent got to her with about 75 characters.

I tested this morning with an office mate (iPhone user) who also received about 75 characters of my text.

I’ve done web searches, as well as searched the RW forums, and found nothing.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @tobiasb.xjp4zj,

Would you mind opening a help ticket on this matter? It’s something the Help team is investigating, but they have only a few examples to go on so far.

Please describe what you’ve described here, and ask them to investigate your situation as part of master ticket 1745821.

pinging @Ambassadors for situational awareness


Thanks southpaw. I’ve opened a ticket.


I have a similar issue.
it started at about the same time. and I also use a Moto G.
Incoming texts are truncated at about 50 characters.
The senders are using a variety of phones and carriers.
I opened a help ticket several days ago.
None of the suggested solutions have helped and some actually created new problems.
Has anyone found a workable solution?

If you use Republic Anywhere on a computer, are the messages truncated there, as well?

I have never used it.

I have learned that I can send myself a message.
If I activate a setting to use simple characters those messages are split but all the characters come through.
If I turn that setting off the messages are truncated.
Long messages from all other senders are always truncated.

Our account is having the same issue with the same Moto G model. We created a ticket and mentioned the master ticket number.

I am also part of the master ticket.
I understand that several users are having the same problem but I don’t know exactly how many.
I also don’t know if the problem is exclusive to the same model phone.
It sounds like the problem was first noticed the first of last week so I have to assume that something was changed about our phone service at that time.
It doesn’t sound like Republic has made any progress in resolving the problem.

Is Republic still working on this problem?

When there’s an update on the issue everyone attached to the master ticket will be updated. These issues can be hard to track down as they’re not happening to all customers, not even everyone with a specific phone model or in a specific location which can make it challenging even to find cause.

Hi @robertm.eiogw9,

The Master ticket remains open for investigation. You’ll be notified in your ticket whenever there are updates to the master ticket.

At this time there are 17 members, all on our older 1.0/2.0 phones, but not the same phone, reporting the issue. We’ve not yet been able to replicate the issue on any of our lab phones. That makes troubleshooting difficult.

Changes to our servers at the time the issue began would definitely be something our technicians and engineers would explore.


I appreciate the update on the situation and the efforts to resolve the problem.

I can imagine that that this particular problem has been very difficult to diagnose and that a problem effecting a small number of customers is not worth much time and effort.

It doesn’t sound like there has been any progress in resolving the problem. I followed the instructions from the Republic help team. I installed a new messaging app. I did several updates and what was called a re-provisioning of the service I assume other members tried the same or similar fixes with no success.

I can’t speak for the other customers but I use texting more than any other feature so this problem is not just a minor inconvenience. It is substantial impediment. Having to ask that work related messages be broken into small segments and resent has become a handicap to the whole organization.

I also consider it unfair that we pay for a degraded service and there has been no mention of any sort of a refund.

My help ticket has been open for a week. There have been no updates for several days. The last update only said that there was no timeframe for a resolution.

If the situation persists much longer I will have to go to another provider.

Hi @robertm.eiogw9,

Thanks for taking the time to share your candid feedback. I understand that receiving partial communications is not the experience you expect and deserve.

I asked you earlier whether the texts are also truncated when received by Republic Anywhere on a computer. The question wasn’t academic. I was trying to determine whether the messages are failing to reach our servers intact, or whether they are failing to reach the phone intact. For example, if the full message is received on a computer using anywhere, but the same message is received truncated on the phone, that would tell us that our servers are receiving the entire message, but for some reason the phone is not. That help us narrow down troubleshooting to the phones and messaging apps. However, if the message is also received on the computer truncated, that would suggest we need to be looking “upstream” and engaging our messaging partner for a resolution.

Since there are so few members impacted and we’re unable to replicate the issue, it would be helpful if someone experiencing the issue could answer that question.

As an aside, you might also find that Anywhere on a PC allows you to be more productive, since you mentioned text messaging as a communication tool you use at work.

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FWIW, as ‘someone experiencing the issue’: I do not use Republic Anywhere, meaning I only view text messages through the phone. Generally, I avoid apps, and I’m not especially inclined to install it in order to test. Sorry.

Hi @tobiasb.xjp4zj,

Are you still using the default messaging app :messaging: ? If so, that was abandoned by the developers (Google) some time ago and may be part of the problem.

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I installed Republic Anywhere on my PC.

Messages that I sent to myself using my PC are truncated when received by my phone using both the messaging app that came with my phone and the app the Republic team instructed me to install as a fix for the problem.

Messages that I sent to myself from my phone are NOT truncated by Republic Anywhere.

Older messages that appeared truncated on my phone appear intact with Republic Anywhere.

I guess that answers one question.

The servers are receiving complete messages.


Thanks @robertm.eiogw9,

I’ll make sure to update our technicians and engineers with that information.

What phone do you have? Moto X 2nd gen

What plan are you on? talk and text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? just talk and text

Issue Description

I recently started receiving only the first part of texts people send, like part of one sentence. For example, "I’m going to the store, do you " then nothing else.

I noticed today that the texts were not truncated. Has this issue been formally resolved?

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