Text Messages Truncated

I’ve also been having this issue with my older moto E. Any expectation that the “partner’s partner” will make another attempt to roll out a potential fix anytime soon?

Hi @andrewr.y8humu,

Welcome to our member Community. I’m sorry you’ve been having to deal with this issue.

There has been no further news, so I’ve asked for an update.

Hi southpaw, I am also still having the truncated text message issue (Moto G3 on 1.0). I have a question:
Is this issue affecting the latest version of RW? It’s probably time to get a new phone anyway, considering I’m stuck on Android 5.1.

David, It is not. It is only impacting legacy phones, meaning those from July 2016 and earlier (the Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1, E2 and Defy).

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Thanks for the reply. I guess it’s time to retire my Moto G3 anyway, it’s getting pretty slow to start up and initialize.
I would like to find a new Android One phone already on Android 10, as I tend to keep my phones until they become impractical, like my Moto G3 is getting. I’d like the guarantee of 2 generation upgrades along with the 3 years of monthly security upgrades. I was planning on getting the Motorola One Hyper, until I read a review that stated that it actually isn’t an Android One phone. Years ago I had a Galaxy Note 2 before I switched to RW. I liked it, then I got a Moto E 1st generation, then the Moto G3. I like the Motorola phones better, as they have much less added-on software. I was looking at the Moto G Stylus and Power which haven’t been released yet, however neither have NFC which I want, and of course they also don’t use the Android One OS either.

Here is a link to a Tips & Tricks article: Detailed Supported Phone Features, here you will find all the currently supported phones and key details such as OS levels avail, NFC, size etc.


These are few and far between in the Western World. Android One simply hasn’t taken off. LG has released a few phones (LG G7 One included) and then stopped. Motorola has a few, but other than the Moto X4 One, none are compatible with Republic. And that is literally the only Republic compatible phone in the program. Here’s the full list of phones, you’ll notice most are not even sold in the US: https://www.android.com/one/

Hi all, another victim of the truncated texts while on airplane mode issue :raising_hand_woman: Are there any workarounds–using Republic Anywhere or maybe doing a factory reset, etc? @southpaw are there any updates or an estimated timeframe for the fix? Trying to decide whether to purchase a new phone in the meantime. Thanks!

Hi @valeriep.df4xw5,

A factory reset will not solve the issue of truncated texts, because there’s not a setting out of whack or an app conflict causing this. It has to do with how a partner company that transfers text messages from one cellular carrier to another is encoding the text message.

There has been no further update since my request for one, though that’s somewhat understandable as business has shifted their focus to COVID-19.

I believe the messages are delivered intact when received on a computer using Republic Anywhere.

Our newer phones use the same encoding method that the partner company is using, so they are not impacted by this issue.

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Ok, that makes sense, thanks. I installed the Republic Anywhere app on my phone this morning and while it was in airplane mode sent some texts to it from another phone. They came through fine! Has anyone else reported that this solved the problem for them? Or has this worked long-term with your engineers’ testing? If it’s a long-term solution I’ll just continue to use Republic Anywhere as my default app; otherwise I’ll get one of the new phones.

Another victim of truncated text messages. I have an older phone, Moto E (Black) (2nd Gen.)

I thought it was due to airplane mode, but the problem persisted after I stopped using that function. Random senders/texts simply being chopped off. Senders think I’m crazy when I ask to resend info.

Installed Republic Anywhere on my Windows PC and bingo, I can see all the old truncated texts. But I cannot install the Republic Anywhere on my phone, I assume because it’s too old. So I cannot sync or send/receive texts with any confidence on my phone.

Any fixes for me? Thanks!

Hi @briand.e4faxp and welcome to the Community!

Please see here:

Thank you, Roland!

The PC app shows full texts, even the old ones that were truncated. However, after successfully downloading/installing the Android app from the link you sent, it still has the truncation.

I installed the Anywhere app on my phone and I’m also still seeing the trucation in my historic texts, but new ones seem to be coming through intact, even in airplane mode. Have you had the chance to test and see if new ones come through normally for you, too? Wondering if this might be a long-term fix.

Hi @briand.e4faxp,

Though I’ve seen sporadic instances where folks relate using Anywhere on their legacy phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2), sorts the experience for them, for most it does not. Generally, Anywhere’s proper display of truncated texts is limited to devices other than one’s phone.

On April 22 our messaging partner made a change, and we are no longer able to replicate this issue.

Those of you experiencing truncated text messages, are texts now arriving as complete messages?

@briand.e4faxp, @davidd.ak078j, @andrewr.y8humu, @annh.dvl3ol, @aaronl.gsducx, @okerblm, @brianb.jkr5bp, @kennardy.caimn4, @heikok.2rscg5, @mortd, @calving.xbkstt, @samuel19, @erikd.7f44ba, @kellyw.x40opv, @robertm.eiogw9?

Yes, the texts now arrive complete for me. However, I’m still using Anywhere, which is the only intervention that initially worked for me. I do not know if the problem still persists for those who are using Android’s built-in Messenger.

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I have been meaning to post in here, but was giving it some time before doing so. I installed the Anywhere app around April 20 and have not noticed any obvious truncated text messages since then. Had initially elected not to use the Anywhere app as was recommended because it seemed slow. However, it appears to be running fine now and I actually like having the option to have on desktop also. Whether or not the issue persists with the default android messenger app, I do not know. Thanks for the followup on this.


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Hi @briand.e4faxp,

The default Messaging app :messaging: has been deprecated by Google’s developers. We no longer support that app. If you want to try something other than Anywhere, please try the new Messages app by Google. :messages:

Mine are working fine now. Samuel

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