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Messaging has been abandoned by the developer in favor of Messages, so it will receive no more updates and as messaging standards change, more and more things about the deprecated app will fail.

This would suggest that perhaps you live in an area where cellular data coverage is not good. Without data, our server cannot communicate with the phone the same way it does with all your devices on Wi-Fi.

I have a Moto X, 1st gen.
I’m on the 1.0 plan.
I have no cell data, just talk and text.

After my phone is off, or out of range (e.g. in an airplane), and then come back into range, the text messages that I receive are cut off. I’ll see the first string of characters (maybe 100 or so) but won’t receive multiple text messages if they’re sent, just the first 100 or so characters from the first message.

This looks like issue Text Messages Truncated, but that doesn’t appear to be solved either.

Any thoughts?

Hi @jonathane.9wi226,

To the best of our understanding, it is the same issue, and it remains under investigation by our engineers.


Phone: Moto X 2nd Gen which I first got in Jan 2016.
Plan: Republic Refund Base Plan + 0.5 GB Data

Curious if any progress has been made on this truncated text issue? Perhaps the following summary of my experience can add to the discussion.

I have been experiencing the same truncated text issue that other users are describing on this thread. The problem started within the last couple months and initially was rare, but it is increasingly common for me to receive truncated texts. The issue also seemed confined to particular contacts early on, but lately it seems like some texts get truncated from any contact that texts me. This includes both RW users and contacts using other carriers.

I’ve often asked people who sent me truncated texts to resend them. The second time around, usually the full message will come through untruncated. A few weeks ago I tried a factory reset on my phone, but that didn’t seem to change anything. After reading this thread I installed the Messages by Google app as I had been using the legacy Android Messaging app. This didn’t help as the first test text that I sent to myself from an iPhone on Verizon was truncated. Resent the same text a few moments later and the full message came through.

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Our engineers have been working with one of the companies we partner with to deliver text messages, and they, in turn, have had to escalate the issue to a company they partner with. The cause of the issue has been identified and the next steps to correct the issue have been determined. They are currently estimating that they will be able to roll out a solution in January. Please do note that Republic Wireless is not responsible for the partner companies’ timelines, and those timelines could change.

Thank you for your patience as we await this solution, and for the descriptions and examples you’ve provided that have been very helpful in understanding and escalating the issue.


HI all. I’m the one who started this particular thread. FWIW, a couple of months ago, I went ahead and got a newer phone (not only in hopes of resolving the texting problem, but to increase capacity). I went with the Moto g7, since my wife is experiencing problems with her Samsung J7). The ‘texting truncation’ has not resurfaced. Just sharing my resolution.

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Thanks for sharing your solution @tobiasb.xjp4zj.

It is an issue specific to how text messaging traffic from our legacy phones is handled and is not affecting members on our newer phones.

Hello Everyone,

It appears I’m also having the same issue with truncated texts. I have a Moto E 2nd Gen that I’ve been using since June 2016 on the Republic Refund Base Plan.

Hello @southpaw,

Just curious if any progress has been made implementing a solution since your post on Dec 19? I am still occasionally getting truncated text messages. Looking forward to when this problem is behind us! Thanks.

Hi @brianb.jkr5bp,

Our engineers continue to work with our partner company, who continues to work with their partner company to get this fixed. They actually rolled out what was hoped to be a fix overnight last night, but the fix introduced a new bug with an even larger impact, so the change was reverted.

I know that’s not good news, and I share it only to illustrate that the issue hasn’t been parked on a dusty shelf and forgotten; our engineers are eager to have this issue resolved.

Moto G. Unlimited text and calls. Wireless otherwise ($13 plan).

I sometimes do not receive part of texts from others. Or sometimes part of their text comes in and the other parts are delayed.

Hello Okerblm and welcome to the community. There’s a known issue that Republic’s carrier partner is working on, that is causing truncated messages. You can learn about The issue and effort to resolve here: Text Messages Truncated

I’ve been having the “truncated/out of order/some segments missing” problem since last fall - Moto G3. Yesterday is the first time I experienced the problem Richardd.tcku06 mentions where missing segments from a friend’s text showed up in a separate text with my own phone number at the top.

Having same issue with recent longer messages received from others on my republic Moto X on the 1.0 plan.

Hi @aaronl.gsducx Republic’s partner continues to work to resolve this issue. The last available update is a few posts up: Text Messages Truncated

What phone do you have? Moto X 1st gen

What plan are you on? 2.0 Refund Plan: talk, text, 0.5 GB data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes data

Issue Description

Issue going on at least fall 2019. Started with texts sporadically duplicating my message to others; I’d receive their longer messages split up and out of order. Tried various fixes, but they didn’t seem to work long-term. Texts started being truncated as mentioned by others above. Recently, some of my outgoing texts have not been received at all.

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What phone do you have? Moto X

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data, talk & text

Issue Description

Text messages received are not complete or sent as multiple messages
I reported this issue a couple of months ago and was told that you were aware and it would be corrected by the end of January 2020, but it has not.

Hi @annh.dvl3ol,

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I’m not finding a previous post from you about this issue, so I’m guessing you may have had this conversation with our Help Team? I apologize that anyone made a promise of a specific date of resolution. We’ve been working with companies we partner with for text message delivery on the matter, but so far no solution has been found.

Edited to add: One of the partners did roll out what was hoped to be a solution in January, but unfortunately, the solution made the matter worse, and it had to be rolled back. It may have been some discussion of that solution that was communicated to you. We were all quite discouraged that it did not solve the issue.

Is there anything that can be done about this and is it only on certain phones?

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