Text Messages Truncated

Hi @heikok.2rscg5,

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Messaging has been abandoned by the developer in favor of Messages, so it will receive no more updates and as messaging standards change, more and more things about the deprecated app will fail.

This would suggest that perhaps you live in an area where cellular data coverage is not good. Without data, our server cannot communicate with the phone the same way it does with all your devices on Wi-Fi.

I have a Moto X, 1st gen.
I’m on the 1.0 plan.
I have no cell data, just talk and text.

After my phone is off, or out of range (e.g. in an airplane), and then come back into range, the text messages that I receive are cut off. I’ll see the first string of characters (maybe 100 or so) but won’t receive multiple text messages if they’re sent, just the first 100 or so characters from the first message.

This looks like issue Text Messages Truncated, but that doesn’t appear to be solved either.

Any thoughts?

Hi @jonathane.9wi226,

To the best of our understanding, it is the same issue, and it remains under investigation by our engineers.

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