Text messaging, gone bad recently

What phone do you have? Samsung J3

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 GB data, voice & text

Issue Description

After the Republic default messaging app upgraded some time ago (which I really liked graphically), I seemed to be fine with texts, sending & receiving; for the last while I sporadically get them; whenever I send to someone, and they answer, I seem to receive them, but otherwise I get few texts now- I’m getting in LOTS of trouble with the management (wife) and she wants a new service, but I think Republic can fix this just fine. Please help!

If the ‘default’ messaging app mentioned above is not Google Messages :messages: or Republic Anywhere you are not using one of the two approved/supported Messaging apps.
Try one of these if you are not using Google (aka Android Messages) or Anywhere and let us know if that helps

Yes, that icon is identical to the one on my phone. I have version 3.9.039-

Ok, that is the latest Google Messages, so you should be good to go

  • Can you do some testing with a willing subject, and determine if it fails on Cell, WiFi or both?
  • Have you tried RW Anywhere?

Yes; I ‘force stopped’ the app, then tested successfully, first my wife close by, then a friend far away- both worked. The main problem I’ve been having, though, is receiving texts initiated by others- going to test that next.

I neglected to add … are the failing Texts coming from Android users or Apple?

They were both kinds- but after force stop/restarting app, my tests so far have been successful. I will consider the issue resolved at this point. Will pursue it if it repeats! Thanks for the help. - patriccio

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