Text messaging issue

What phone do you have? Moto g third generation
What plan are you on? Base plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? just talk and text

Issue Description

I was sending a text message on the bus yesterday, using their Wi-Fi, which was intermittent at best. It looks as though the person I texted answered me, but I can’t see the text. Here’s what shows up top “Messaging” on the top left, then there’s a “1”, then there’s the “New Message” icon, then the magnifying glass and the 3 dots. Last night, I saw a “2” on top, and saw that someone else texted me and I was able to read that text, but not the other one. As I scroll through my texts, I see that the thread with the person that I texted on the bus no longer appears, so I can’t even read old messages from her. I’m afraid I have deleted the thread and therefore I can’t read her new message to me?

I would think that your description of the WiFi you were using (moving bus) might explain the fact that you got notified, but the message possibly didn’t download.
Android ‘messaging’ app, does not contain the latest fixes Google fixes and it has been repleace
Here is a Support note: Which Messaging App Should I Use? – Republic Help

Which Messaging App Should I Use?

Environment Republic Wireless 3.0 Phones Answer Other messaging apps may work, but Republic Help only supports Android Messages app and the Republic Anywhere app.

The icon you should see is either of these


Wow, thank you! I’ve never installed a messaging app, I just used what came with my Moto G. And you’re right, it’s called “Messaging”. I went to the Play store and downloaded the “Android Messages” app and finally, I see the response from my friend. And what a difference an app makes - the messages appear much more user friendly. Also, previously when I would send longer texts, they would appear broken up into several text messages with the sentences out of order on my friends’ phones, as well as their texts back to me. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Thank you, thank you!

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