Text messaging issues: group chats with my phone number as another participant


I have had 2 issues with text messaging recently. I have a Google Pixel 4 phone.

Issue 1
When my wife texts me a photo, it creates a new message thread from her. And it makes it a group chat between me, her, and my phone number. If she just sends words, it comes through to our regular message thread.

Issue 2
In group messages recently, every time I send a response, I get the reply back. And when I look at the group details, my number is showing up as one of the contacts, which is never used to do.

Any help would be appreciated.


I don’t know if you have chat features enabled in Google Messages, but it messed with my wife’s CDMA Moto X4, and I had to turn it off.
It might be worth a try (if you are using Google Messages as your message client).

Open Messages, Click the 3 dots in upper right, Settings, Chat Features,
Slide “Enable Chat Features” to off. If it does not fix it (or makes it worse), you can always enable it back.

There are also some “Group Messaging” settings under “Advanced” settings you may need to peruse too.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge of this can chime in too!

I am having exactly the same problem as Issue 1! It seems to only happen with MMS (photo or very long text) but not always. It seems to be kind of random as to when it happens. We’re both using Republic and both using Pixels (I’m using a 3a, she has a 4) but I’ve also had it happen with someone who doesn’t use Republic and in group chats with a mix of Republic Motos & Pixels and iPhone users on other providers. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it and it’s been happening since March 17th.

Chat features are disabled, group messaging is set to ‘Send an MMS reply to all recipients (group MMS)’, and auto-download MMS is enabled.

I’m relieved to see someone else having this same problem but I’m also hoping this is something that can be fixed. It’s very annoying having all these different fractured conversations!

Hi @mattf and @jss,

Please see if this Help Article is similar to what you’re describing and if the fix solves the issue for you:

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