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I have a question about sending a text message with a photo to an email address. I get the photo in the text message and type in the email address I wish to send it to {forexample@yahoo.com} it acts as if it is sending the message but a few seconds later I get this message: republic wireless please use a valid number for mms only us and canadian phone numbers are supported. When I look at the message the picture is there but under it it says not sent. tap to try again. I can send pictures in text messages to other phones just not to email. Can someone please help me figure out why this is not working? Oh by the way I have a moto g4 play phone :slight_smile:

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This is explained here:


Hi @jolenek.tjueuo,

Republic has an email to SMS gateway as capably pointed to by @billg. It’ doesn’t have an SMS (text) to email gateway. I’m afraid it’s not possible to send a text message to an email address. You can save that photo received via text message, then attach to an outgoing email message to your correspondent.

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