Text never sent but phone said it sent

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I had the same issue on FreedomPop, so decided to switch to RW. I bought a new phone, signed up, transferred my number. And…still, intermittent problems. So far, I have identified I have not successfully sent a text. The problem, of course, is how often do you verify “hey did you receive this? Hey did you send me a message today?” with your contacts? So I suspect this happens A LOT, and it’s very difficult to debug. I suspect it is related to cell / wifi switching.

It sounds like there’s some advanced tech to queue the texts up in a database and then sync them when a connection is available. But it’s not 100% reliable. A text / phone call unfortunately needs to be 100% delivered in some cases…not sure I will be sticking around, and taking advantage of low-cost phone service…sigh…

What I would really like is VERIFICATION that a text was sent or received. Access to the queue perhaps?

Are you using :anywhere: Republic Anywhere, it is one of the 2 approved/supported texting apps the other is :messages: Android Messages … Anywhere will provide you the best chance of delivery.
Access to the queue …messaging to run across multi domains/networks/vendors etc … so their is not really a queue as many of us think of them

Hi jben, yes I am using Republic Anywhere.

I have some more information, after investigating the missing conversation with the contact, my message DID go through, but I did not receive any of the 3 replies. I can get dates and times if you would like to investigate further with me.

It would be appreciated. I don’t see myself staying with this kind of company if the texts are not reliable, but it would be good to investigate for the future of VoIP services.

Sorry …I am just a fellow user, you would need to ‘Report a Issue’ found in the
Anywhere Menu :dots:

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