Text not coming only on Saturdays

What phone do you have? Moto E4 Plus

What plan are you on? $20 a month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? All

Issue Description

The last 2 Saturdays I have received no texts after 9 a.m. until the next day or last Saturday after I restarted the phone in the evening. There is not a Do Not Disturb set anywhere that I can find. Any clues what I can do. This is not sustainable due to my work. Thanks for any help!

Need info

  • Do a 1 finger swipe down from the Status (top) to view the Notifications … what does the Republic one say?
  • Is this on Cell or WiFi?
    • If WiFi and you control the router, then power cycle the network equipment (sequence sensitive see this … Quick Check one

Try the following to see if you get a text next couple Saturdays

  • Leave it plugged into the charger ( to eliminate the possibility of Android Doze, which shuts off WiFi)
  • Boot up in Safe Mode (eliminate 3rd party apps from being active)
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As Saturday approaches, have you found a fix for this?

not yet thx.

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