Text notification but can't see text

Hi, everyone.

I’ve recently gotten a Moto G to replace my malfunctioning Moto X. Since I’ve gotten it, I’ve been having a frustrating issue. A few times, I’ve gotten a text notification, can see who the text is from, but when I go to the (default) texting app, there’s no text there. It says I have an unread text, but there are no threads with unread texts in them…even if I go directly into the thread with texts to/from the person that the notification specified.

I’ve tried closing the app & reopening it, rebooting the phone, making sure my Republic app is up to date, clearing the app data, etc.

The text will eventually give me another notification & come thru, but when it’s a text from your boss, you don’t want to wait hours to see what it says…

Hi @genie86333

When you say “Default” messaging app I assume you mean Mesagging. You might want to try Messenger - Android Apps on Google Play , I find it works much better and has a better UI.

Hope this helps.

You might want to go through the troubleshooting section to see if it helps any. Troubleshooting Texting Issues

If nothing helps, then open a support ticket. Use the chat line for faster service. Republic Help

It’s a bug in Messenger when a MMS comes in sometime. if you use another like Hangouts, you can view it. I’ll have to check out the one mentioned above, since I hate Hangouts.

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