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Can someone tell me if what I describe below is “normal” behavior?

While traveling, I was in an area with no cell service. During the trip I connected to WiFi several times. While on WiFi was able to make calls via WiFi and also send/receive text messages.

On the way home, as soon as I entered Sprint coverage, I got several notifications about new text messages. These had been sent sometime when I had no service, but before I had my WiFi connections. (I’m talking here about the notifications. I don’t know if the texts themselves were available on WiFi because I didn’t know to check for them!)

My speculation is that when these were sent, Sprint could not find my phone and somehow held on to the messages so that the Republic WiFi connection had no knowledge of them.

Can anyone confirm if this is expected behavior?


What phone do you have and what pan are you on? What app are you using to text? This is need to craft ask answer to this.

If you are on a pre 3.0 phone and not in the Anywhere app, then it is normal. If you are on a 3.0 phone or using Anywhere then it is not normal.


Yes, I should have provided those details.

I’m on a 2.0 plan with a MotoX 2nd edition. I’m currently using Android Messages 4.1.

Will a different messaging app work better in this scenario?


In your scenario today, if we cannot deliver over WiFI we forward to the CDMA carrier and they hold it until they can either deliver it or the message times out. If you use our Anywhere app, we stop forwarding through to Sprint and deliver whenever we have a data connection over WiFi or cell. A cell data plan is not needed but cell data coverage is.


Thanks Sean! I should have installed Anywhere before my trip I guess.

What about the scenario if I am using Anywhere but I am roaming onto a Sprint partner network? Would messages get delivered? Would they count against data roaming bytes?


As long as roaming data is not turned off, you will still get your SMS and MMS messages at not change. It is not counted against data use.


Correct me if I’m wrong. But installing Anywhere on the 1.0/2.0 phone essentially changes messaging delivery to the same way it is done on the newer phones. This also means that you don’t have to worry about what plan you’re on when travelling overseas, solving the problem of not being able to switch instantly to the $5 plan before travel, on the 2.0 plans.


Correct, it moves to an ALL IP delivery and never forwards to the carrier.


So one downside then is if I was roaming with a voice-only cell connection I would not be able to send/receive text messages. Am I correct that “traditional” messaging goes over the cell network, not the IP network?


While as a customer, you have voice only access to roaming, the phone should still have access to roaming data and that would be used by Republic Anywhere.


I was thinking of out in the boonies where there is voice service but no data all. Maybe there is no such place anymore.


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