Text Number

What is my text mobile number it used to be my number and @vtext?


Email to SMS

Email to SMS allows Republic members to receive emails as a text on their phone, when sent in the proper format listed below. This feature is turned off by default and requires Republic Wireless app version or higher.

Please note that email to SMS is supported by most major email providers. However, there may be some email providers that aren’t able to deliver email to our SMS gateways.

Allow SMS messages from email

When checked, emails sent to <yournumber>@text.republicwireless.com will show up as a text message on your phone. Example: ■■■■text.republicwireless.com


  • You can have any combination of to/cc/bcc in the email.
  • If your message is more than 256 characters, the SMS will read 251 characters followed by <…> to indicate the rest of the message. You will not receive a second text with the rest of the message.
  • Text recipients of an email to SMS message cannot reply via text.
  • Messages will only be delivered over WiFi or cell data.
  • While Emojis are supported, media attachments are not.
  • The text recipient of an email to SMS message will only see the email address of the sender. If there’s a “cc” on the message, the text recipient will not see the “cc” email address. However, the email recipient of a message sent to both an email to SMS address and a regular email address will see the sender’s email address and the email to SMS address.
  • Email to SMS is not carrier specific. When someone sends an email, their email provider is responsible for delivering emails to their recipient. If the email contains Republic Wireless phone numbers in the to/cc/bcc field, we will then process the email to a SMS message and send it to your phone.
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