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Verizon has a web app for texting from a desktop computer. I can send and receive texts on the computer screen without having to look at my phone. I like to use this at work. Is there any way to do this with Republic? Keep in mind I am a smart phone novice (this will be my first one).


This will be available in the near future. I’ve been testing it for a couple of months and it is working great! It will be free.


Fantastic! I’m sure you can’t say, but wondering how near in the future.


I expect an announcement any day now. I I have it on my phone, notebook and desktop. All are in sync. It works on pads too. It is called Republic Anywhere,


I googled “Republic Anywhere” and found a download. However, what I am looking for is a service that can be used on a web browser (like Verizon), since I can’t install software on my work computer. I know I originally asked for an app. My bad. Will it run from a browser?


A browser based option is under active consideration, however, (for now) a Windows or macOS app is required. Likewise, support for iPads and other tablets is planned but is not available in the current beta iteration.


Got it. Sounds like I’m out of luck for now. Thanks for the information.


For anyone interested, I found the MightyText app, which seems to have solved my problem and is working perfectly to let me text and receive texts on a web browser. I have read it doesn’t work on all phones, but I have a Galaxy J3 and it works great. Highly recommended.


Airdroid? They appear to have a web interface, in addition to the usual apps.


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