Text only works when I am on Wi-Fi



What phone do you have?• Google Pixel XL

What plan are you on? My choice + 3GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes I have Data

Issue Description

Text only works when I am on Wi-Fi. I do not have Wi-Fi at work only at home or other places.


The most common cause of this problem is that you have data turned off in the Android settings. Data must remain on at all times. If you want to prevent the data you’ve purchased from being used, you can turn on the Data Freeze option in the Republic App.


Thank you my text is working but I cannot send a pitchers.


Did you go away


Hi @geraldo,

Did you check the data settings @louisdi mentioned? If not, please do.

Did this problem just begin this morning? Were pictures able to send before this morning?


Also @geraldo,

If you could please try rebooting the phone and try again?


Yes I change the Data Freeze option and now my text works but I cant send any pitchers. I am rebooting the phone now.


I rebooted my phone and it did not work.


Have you ever been able to send pictures on this phone?

What happens when you try to send pictures?


Yes I was able to send pitchers started messing up about 2 weeks ago when I try to send a pitcher it says Not sent. Tap to try again. I try to tap but it does not work. I am sad


Please open a ticket and let our technicians know exactly what it’s doing, with the “tap to try again” message and that rebooting has not solved the issue.

Please let them know when it started and ask them to investigate the matter as part of master ticket # 1504994.


Hi @geraldo,

Our carrier partner deployed a fix for the issue that was preventing pictures from sending by text message. Is everything now working as expected for you?


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