Text scheduling on moto e2020

I don’t get the chance to get a text schedule menu when I try to schedule a text. The only thing showing is that it’s urgent or the title of text. A web site said it’s up to the carrier if you have this ability. I am running Android messaging.

Hi @josephs.humgw3,

It appears there’s something on the back-end yet to be enabled by Google rather than one’s service provider to enable this. My source:

The comments there suggest, the feature isn’t working for many. For me, it doesn’t work on either Republic activated phones or Androids activated with other providers in my household.

Interestingly I was talking to another Republic Expert (@carlh) yesterday about this. All 5 phones in my household have the update to scheduled messages while none of his phones do. It is indeed a back-end switch that my best guess is connected to the Play Store account that the phone is connected to. It indeed has nothing at all to do with Republic.

Thanks for your time, I’ll have to wait. Have a good one

If you go onto the beta version of the app, you’ll get the feature

That is correct, you can force by loading the beta version. For the reference of others who may be viewing this thread, in the new version with message scheduling the “Subject” feature that was available by holding down the send button has moved. If you used that to force messages to MMS, you can now find that under the three dot overflow menu on the top right as “Show subject field”.

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