Text shows coming from wrong phone number

When I text my wife on her phone it shows the text coming from a different number than mine. We both have republic wireless but she has her own account.
Any idea?

Try the instructions at the following link:

Should I do with my phone or wife’s?

Yours. I mean you can do it on either or both, it won’t have any negative consequences, but if she sees texts from your phone showing a different number it’s your phone that needs the Republic Connection reset.

Thanks will try when I get home and have wifi

Unfortunately this did not work, tried several times including restarting it too

One other thought. Did you perhaps enable RCS chat features? If so, please disable RCS chat features by following the instructions at the link below:


Yes that works but if I turn that off I can’t text from wifi if I remember right and no group text?

Disabling RCS chat features should in no way inhibit Wi-Fi texting or group texting.

Republic Wireless does not currently support RCS chat:

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Ok, thanks

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