Text shows initial thread text under current text

My new Moto G 5 text shows the first text in a thread floating underneath the current text I can wiggle the new text up and down while the old text stays in the same spot. It’s very visually irritating. Is there a way to fix this? My old phone had the text shown normally in sequence. So that is what I want to see.
I’m using the “anywhere” app for messaging

I don’t have a G5 but others may ask
What Messaging App are you using and have you tried Republic Anywhere?
@amitl posted links to more about Anywhere here: Moto G5plus not sending or receiving texts consistently

I am using the anywhere messaging app.
Maybe that’s the problem?

Text underneath text is a know issue that can popup. Just back out of the specific message and then reopen it will usually fix it. This should not happen often.


That does seem to fix it…on furious text threads it is a big bother though since you can’t read things very well.
Question is does it still occur without the anywhere app? I don’t text using the computer at all, so will probably only use the phone for text. Is there a better app? Is there a standard messaging app?

Just hit the back arrow in the app and the open the thread again, it should not happen very often. We are working to fix the bug but that is a very easy workaround few the is times it happens.

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