Text to Email using the ZEE app software

What phone do you have? Moto G
What plan are you on?
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Good morning,

I have tried to email my texts several times after rereading the instructions several times.

I have a MotoG cell phone, Android version 5.1

I get wireless internet in my home, have service by Republic Wireless, and have a Google email account on the phone

When I go through the process to convert the text I see a counter advance to 504 texts in one thread.

Attachments is checked, SMS is checked.

My ATT email address is filled in.

After pressing "test Email Client: with 1000 filled in: I choose Google+ then choose my gmail account: I get a long series of numbered lines with numbers in a paragraph above the LINE#

Now I am shown a POST button. I really don’t want to post this email but since that is a choice, and I have not been successfully receiving a text email, I choose Following and press POST.

After pressing POST, There is a box with bubbles floating past and the word SENDING.

I have tried this several times but have not gotten the “sent” email with the texts.


Not sure which ZEE app you may be using (the play store has lots non look like a email/text utility)
As a Rule Republic does not support Text (SMS or MMS) to email
Republic email to Text is supported(your-number@text.republicwireless.com) after one enables this in the Republic app
Republic Email to SMS does require the email to be sent in plane text (no HTML formatting)


I’m a little confused, if you can help clarify, perhaps we can help. You’re trying to use an app which takes your texts, turns them in to an email and sends them somewhere?

LOL…I was confused!!
The problem has been solved.
I had not downloaded an email app to my phone.
When I did everything did what it should.

Thanks for the response.

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For the continued enlightenment of all of us, could you briefly describe what the Zee App provides for you? Possibly it would be useful to others.


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Thank you this is an interesting app how is it working for you ?

After installing the Gmail app to my phone… the sending of some
important text messages from my cell phone was easy to do.

I now recommend this app.:slight_smile:

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