Text verification codes (2 Factor Authentication)


You may have to try again later. ebay may have temporarily disabled your ability to make changes since you made several attempts.


Just tried Twitter. It crashed the site. Gives an error “Something is technically wrong” when input my R.W number. Works fine for GV number.
Edit: I removed my previous phone from Twitter account. Try to add the R.W one. “Unsupported phone number.”


I tried Twitter as well. Got the same message.

I texted Help to Twitter’s SMS number (40404) and did get a response.


yes, it seems u can send messages to them. but the system that sends the code messages can not send to u.


I’m not sure what the issue you’re having is. I just tried eBay and received the message without issue. When you look at your Republic online call details: https://republicwireless.com/account/phones do you see the inbound messages showing there, but you’re not getting them on your phone or are they not showing there at all?


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

I tried a couple of different RW phones with Ebay and could receive the security text (and call) every time. I don’t know if this experience varies depending on what kind of account you have. (As we saw with Paypal in this discussion.)

There is a previous conversation that includes some thoughts on Twitter, here: Anyone having issues with trying to use your phone number, for services requiring SMS validation?


Nope. The Republic site shows no record of incoming text or phone call.

Even selecting the Call me option on ebay. I never get a call on the R.W. phone.


That’s an eBay problem, pure and simple. When it doesn’t show up in the log, it means it is never getting to the Republic network. Did you recently port a number to the Republic phone?


nope. not a port. its a new number. Activated yesterday.


Anyway to change the time zone for the R.W site. The times are way off. Like just now. Its 10:35AM. but the site says call came in at 2:35PM.


There is not. The times on the site are all in UTC. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc


that site says UTC is 5hrs ahead of my time city (Minneapolis). However the R.W site is showing 4 hrs.



clock change spring forward / fall back


ah, so it is spring now so its 1hr forward. making it a 4 hr difference. Fall would be 1hr back, making it 5 hr difference.

Seems the first linked to page does not adjust for that on (your city is # hours ahead/behind"

Regardless. Not having the call logs ont he site in the users local time zone makes it hard to track calls etc. Having to account for that time zone difference.


Anyway…I kinda like the idea of setting 2FA to my Google Voice number instead of my cell. That way, GV i can access via any web browser and via my email. Should my phone go dead, lost, broken, stolen…i can still get codes independent of phone.


time change does not always happen as per the US
in the east time zone, standard time is 5 hours different, where as daylight saving time is 4 hours different in reference to UTC.
Minneapolis is in the central time zone if I recall which make it 6 hours CST and 5 CDT vs UTC

so IOW, this is not KISS


You can also forward Google Voice SMS to your RW cell number and/or install the google voice app.


Ah Yes, the messages forward option I forgot about that. I dont really want the GV app on my phone. I prefer just to use the R.W. VM and texting.


If you never get it working be sure to contact the websites support. It does not always work but if it is an issue on their end they should be able to resolve it.


using a Authenticator app is far better and more secure than SMS verification. Texts can be intercepted or redirected quite easy. I use Google Authenticator.

U just scan a barcode the site puts up for u into the Authenticator app, and then it makes the codes for u when u open the app. they are time generated. they change every 30 sec.