Text verification codes (2 Factor Authentication)


clock change spring forward / fall back

ah, so it is spring now so its 1hr forward. making it a 4 hr difference. Fall would be 1hr back, making it 5 hr difference.

Seems the first linked to page does not adjust for that on (your city is # hours ahead/behind"

Regardless. Not having the call logs ont he site in the users local time zone makes it hard to track calls etc. Having to account for that time zone difference.

Anyway…I kinda like the idea of setting 2FA to my Google Voice number instead of my cell. That way, GV i can access via any web browser and via my email. Should my phone go dead, lost, broken, stolen…i can still get codes independent of phone.

time change does not always happen as per the US
in the east time zone, standard time is 5 hours different, where as daylight saving time is 4 hours different in reference to UTC.
Minneapolis is in the central time zone if I recall which make it 6 hours CST and 5 CDT vs UTC

so IOW, this is not KISS

You can also forward Google Voice SMS to your RW cell number and/or install the google voice app.

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Ah Yes, the messages forward option I forgot about that. I dont really want the GV app on my phone. I prefer just to use the R.W. VM and texting.

If you never get it working be sure to contact the websites support. It does not always work but if it is an issue on their end they should be able to resolve it.

using a Authenticator app is far better and more secure than SMS verification. Texts can be intercepted or redirected quite easy. I use Google Authenticator.

U just scan a barcode the site puts up for u into the Authenticator app, and then it makes the codes for u when u open the app. they are time generated. they change every 30 sec.

Every bit of this discussion is gobbledygook to the lay person. Or to me, anyway. I have no idea what any of you are talking about, except that I recently tried to log in to my Amazon seller account and they had this new 2-Factor authentication. It’s actually THREE factor, because after you’ve already entered your e-mail address and password, and then entered the code they sent to your cell phone, they want to send a SECOND code to a SECOND cell phone!

"I don’t have a second cell phone, " i wrote to their customer “service”. “Well, just use your spouse’s cell phone,” they wrote back. “I DON’T HAVE A SPOUSE!!!” I replied. And that’s where it ended. They didn’t reply, and now I can’t get into my own @#$%^& Amazon seller account.

The whole situation is so ridiculous it defies any sort of rational approach or attitude. How long before they have FOUR factor verification? How long before they require your fingerprints or a retinal scan to access your gmail account? What’s an older, relatively non-technical person supposed to do?

Hi @johnw.pdvsog,

Despite what may seem to be surface similarities, your experience isn’t the same as what previous folks posting in this discussion thread are having. For them, the issue is not being able to receive verification codes sent to their Republic phones via text message. If I’m understanding correctly, you are able to receive verification codes from Amazon.

The “third-factor” you reference is intended to be a backup in case the tool used for the second factor (your Republic phone) is unavailable to you. For example, if it’s broken. According to Amazon’s documentation, that backup phone number can be configured to receive a voice call rather than a text message, so it need not be a cell phone. A landline would work. Do you have a second phone that is not a cell phone?

Anyway, this is ultimately an issue that you’ll need to resolve with Amazon not Republic. For what it’s worth, Amazon’s documentation on the subject follows:

  1. Turning on Two-Step Verification
  2. Disabling Two-Step Verification

Most folks have no idea what 2FA is or that they should have it. A simple username and even a complex password means nothing these days. Those are often and easily hacked, bypassed, breached, or phished by bad folks.

2FA main purpose is so that if someone gains access to your main log in info, they have to have the second method access as well inorder to gain acces. Some hacker is bound to get your log in info, but most likely arnt gonna have physical access to your phone to open up an app to get code. or to also be able to hack ur phone line and redirect texts to themselves. (unless the hacker is specifically targeting/stalking u to do full on Identify theft)

Google even has a thing now where u have to have a Physical Security Key device that u have to press a button on inorder to access ur account. (Many other companies have this kinda thing as well.)

For PayPal Security Key (SMS 2FA)

I get - “Please enter a valid mobile number” for both my R.W. and Google Voice number.

So it seems i can not use this feature anymore.

EDIT: So, I found the legacy PayPal page that allows u to register ur number for use as security key. (vs the page u use while logged into your account). That page worked fine to register my Google Voice or R.W number.



I have had the same problem getting 2-factor authentication (I had set up to text a code to my RW cell phone)—with both PayPal and eBay. The field will come up with the “get your code” and a message that I will receive a text. I never do.

I finally called eBay. The customer service rep ended up having to turn off the 2-factor authorization in my account. Now, I can get into eBay, but I don’t have that security anymore.

As for PayPal, you go in circles. The field comes up saying I’m being sent a code by text. I never get it. So I click on the “Having trouble logging in” link. That takes me to my username and password. I enter those. Then it asks to verify it’s me by sending me a text code!!! And I can’t find PayPal contact info that doesn’t require me to get a text code. Erg.

I did try SpeedingCheetah’s legacy PayPal page link, but it still took me to the field asking for a code. I never received the text, even after trying multiple times.

Paypal now does support OTP app 2FA.
Such as Google Authenticator or Authy.
I have been using that for months.

Ebay, i have been using my Google voice number to get SMS 2FA codes.

Thanks so much for that info. Really appreciate it.

I was just reading about Authy today, and I think that’s the app for me!

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