Text won't send today


I have had my phone for 2 years and for some reason I have been unable to send out a couple of texts today. When I go to send it all it does is say “Sending” and it just freezes


Hi @saraw.jwi8jp,

Could you tell us what steps you’ve already tried? For example, have you tried rebooting the phone?


Yes, I rebooted


Other things to consider

  • Which phone (provides others with the same phone, awareness)
  • Use the latest Republic approved Messaging apps Republic Anywhere or Google Messages
  • Clear Cache (Both System & Apps)


I do use the Republic Anywhere app and I just cleared the cache. Hopefully this helps. Thanks so much!



Were you able to fix the texting problem, or are you still in need of help?


Changed to a different texting app. Works great now! Thank you


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