Texted photo didn't appear

A friend texted me a photo to day that failed to appear. Someone suggested disabling wifi, which I did and the image appeared.

Is there any reason wifi would stop texted images?

This wasn’t an issue on my older RW 2.0 phone, so I don’t know if there’s a new setting I need to change? Or perhaps the photo was slow to appear and the whole wifi thing was just a coincidence?

What phone model is this happening on? If it’s the Samsung Galaxy S7, read here:

Issue with MMS (Picture and Group) Messages on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

Thanks for the reply, but no, it’s a moto g4 play.

Hi @johng.6r5jad ,

Does the problem persist on every Wi-Fi network, or only a specific one? If it’s a specific one, check to see whether you ever receive voicemail notifications when on that network.

Both MMS and voicemail notifications through Republic Wireless rely on a protocol abbreviated as MQTT. Some business networks block MQTT, preventing MMS and voicemail notification delivery to your phone.

I’m not sure. I don’t do a lot of texting and even less with photos. I received this one message with a photo shortly after activating my new phone and was wondering if there’s a setting that’s incorrect. I haven’t gotten any text messages (photo or otherwise since). I’ll try to do some testing and narrow down when it happens.

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