Texting from laptop has disappeared

I’ve been using the Anywhere app on my laptop for texting for some time now with only a few complaints (e.g. texts sent from laptop actually send but don’t show up on my phone). A few days ago it stopped working altogether. I can’t open the app but it shows that it’s there and updated.
Earlier I switched from Anywhere to Google Messenger on my phone. Should I just switch to Messenger on my laptop too, if that’s even an option?

Please HELP!

I don’t believe that’s an option. I’m using Google Messenger on my phone and Anywhere on my PC and have been doing that for a long time with no problems.

Hi @joanp.irvv8p

You can use Messages by Google and access it from your laptop too if you use the following link:


Please be aware that this does not work exactly like Anywhere and mirrors messages from the app on your phone. If your phone is turned off or broken, this function will not work unlike Anywhere which works on the computer even if the phone is turned off or broken.


I tried to do that but I can’t get my phone to scan the QR code. Do I just hold the phone up to the laptop screen once I tap QR code scanner? Or am I supposed to use the phone’s camera?

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I finally got Google messages to work on the laptop but I don’t know how to close this ticket. Thanks for the help.

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Hi @joanp.irvv8p You asked your question in the Repubilc Community, there’s no ticket involved, just customers helping each other. I’ve marked your question as answered for you and there’s nothing else to do.

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