Texting is sketchy lately

Hello All, I’m guessing this might be covered in some of the existing discussion strings, but frankly I just don’t have to wade through them all to figure this out (I have browsed through a number of them without luck), so am hoping someone might have a quick answer. I’ve been having lots of general texting issues lately that seem to be getting progressively worse since about early Feb. 2017. Basically, there are lots of people not getting my texts, while there are others who do. I’m baffled as to why I’m having such sketchy luck with sending texts to certain people. The texts that have issues are both group texts and single recipient texts, there is no pattern there. The Republic Wireless app is up to date, I’ve updated PRL, Profile and Motorola Software (I have a Moto G - Lollipop 5.1.1).

I’ve tried using both Hangouts and Messaging app, doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ve found that when sending images, they pretty much always go through, but its just the plain text messages that are having trouble.

Is there something obvious I need to check in my settings?

Also, one other odd thing that has happened lately…this might be a clue as to what is going on. See the screenshot below of my Messaging app. Notice the ‘6’ there at the top. If I understand correctly, if there is a number there, that is supposed to indicate how many new/unread messages I have waiting for me, right? And if there are any, they should be shown in bold text in my list of messages. However, at the current time, even though that 6 is there, I DO NOT have any new, unread messages waiting for me. So, why is that 6 there? Has some corruption of my messages list occurred? Is there some way to ‘refresh’ my list of messages to see the unread messages waiting for me (if there really are any, that is)?

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I’m the original poster, and I just wanted to add that it is not an issue of connectivity…this is happening even when I am on Wifi and when I have a strong data signal.

Have you installed Android Messages - Android Apps on Google Play … it is the replacement app for what you appear to be using. This was initially announced by @rolandh …when it became available about 3 weeks ago PSA: Google Messenger Now Android Messages

I had not yet installed Android Messages…I have done that now and tried it out for several days to see if the issue has resolved itself, but apparently it has not. I’m still not able to get texts through to certain individuals. Could it be a factor of their carrier? I have no idea if the people I am having trouble sending to have the same carrier/s. I doubt that is the case.

This is really getting frustrating, I can find no rhyme or reason why certain people consistently do not receive my texts, while others do.

My wife has Republic Wireless phone service too, and she has no texting problems. Only differences between our two services is that I have a refund account, and she does not, and I have a Moto G3 and she has a Moto G4.

Any other ideas out there?

Instead of selecting a contact, try to send it directly to the contact’s phone number. Maybe your contacts have gotten corrupted or duplicated…so that even though the right contact is selected…that name could be tied to an email address.

This usually happens when you have multiple accounts synced on the phone…and the contact list tries to resolve itself

in some default order if there are multiple contacts with the same name…so the named contact might only have an email associated with it…and RW is not able to send text messages to email addresses.

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