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Google Pixel 2 XL running Android 9/Pie and using stock Android Messages app for texting. I used to be able to add multiple people to a text without problem. Now, however, it always wants me to create a Group name for the multiple recipients. Even if there are just a couple of recipients. Here’s what I am doing.

I click “Start Chat”. I then type the first recipient into the “To” line. I then click the icon of multiple people with a plus sign in front of it to add another recipient. I then click the blue check-mark at the bottom of the screen to indicate that I am finished adding recipients and I am immediately taken to a “Name this MMS group” screen.

I don’t want to create a named group. I just want to send the text to multiple recipients. Where am I going wrong?

Hi @fisher99!

It sounds like you just want to send a text to multiple people, but don’t want to create a group text where everyone gets everyone else’s replies. Does that sound right?

If so, open messages and go to Settings, then Advanced, and then tap “Group Messaging”. Then select the option for “Send and SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies”.

That will make it so you will send one text to multiple people, but their replies will be in individual conversations with you instead of everyone else.

Regarding naming the group, you can skip that as it’s optional.

I hope that helps!

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No. I’m fine with replies going to all recipients. I just don’t want to have to create a named group when I text 2 or more people. Anytime I add multiple recipients to a text message, Android Messages requires me to create a named group for those recipients.

@fisher99 - I’m not a Google Messages expert but maybe the Goggle Messages help will have some answers.


Or the Google Messages Help community forum available on that page can help.

There may also be others in our community that can help!

Ok, I figured it out. If I add multiple recipients (in the stock Android Messages app), once I click the blue check-mark to indicate that I am finished adding recipients, I am indeed immediately taken to a screen titled “Name this MMS group”, with the cursor sitting in a box titled “Group Name (optional)”. I hadn’t noticed the word “optional” before. If I tap the blue check-mark it takes me to where I can type the text message without having to give the group a name. So, while this is a somewhat confusing and seemingly unnecessary step that Android Messages is requiring, at least I can send a text to multiple recipients without having to create a named group.

So, false alarm. I should have read the screen more closely.

Glad you figured it out and thanks for sharing your findings!

I feel like it is Google’s attempt to start creating a Whatsapp like Group messaging interface…which is widely used…but the SMS/MMS backend doesn’t really support propagating that group name to other members of the group…until that functionality is added…group texts will continue to be like an email chain rather than a true group per-se.

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