Texting not working with cell data turned off


I recently got a Moto G 4th gen for my wife with the 1gig of data plan. She has had recurring problems with it though. She is approaching her limit of cell data, but if I disable it to prevent overuse, texting stops working. Is there a different setting I need to change to make this workable? I have had no troubles like this with my Moto G 1st gen.


You do need to keep cellular data enabled under Settings -> Data Usage

for texting to work properly.

If you are worried about other apps using up your cellular data allotment, you can turn

off that setting in the Republic Wireless App

Republic Wireless App -> Settings -> Cell Data (disable)

This will not affect the native android setting above.


How is that an unlimited talk/text plan if the text requires cell data?


Good morning @erice.i9u20j . Turning off data in the RW app doesn’t disable data needed for the unlimited talk/text/data. There’s a app note telling you that when you disable it.


The Republic Wireless App uses small amounts of data to handle your text messages, you are not charged for this data…so it works even when you are on the $15/mo talk and text (no cellular data) plan. But you do need to leave cellular data ON in the settings as I noted above.


That amount of cellular data is included in the base charge. So it doesn’t count against your 1GB of cellular data.