Texting off of wifi?

I just got a new samsung 6 and I can only text when on wifi. I have downloaded the texting app ( android messages) when my phone told me to get the new app… still doesn’t work when off of wifi. What should I do?

Did you buy this phone from RW? Did you check your zip code here?

Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

If it says

"Please note: “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time. "

Then you might have a coverage issue.

and if there is native coverage make sure data and roaming data are turn on in the android settings

I did not buy this phone from RW but I have had RW for 3 years now, just upgraded phones. I have never had issues with having service before

My roaming is turned on

That’s a good point and definitely doesn’t hurt to check, but the Republic Wireless App now has persistent reminders for that…so my guess is that it might not be an issue.

the Samsung S6 that Republic allows for BYOD is a GSM only device so your underlying carrier has changed from CDMA partner (Sprint) to the GSM partner (T-Mobile)

at this time all BYOD are GSM only even if the phone capable to run on CDMA

the link @amitl posted can tell you if GSM is acceptable for your area

Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless Coverage

coverage maps for the GSM partner

Coverage Check GSM | Republic Wireless

Personal Coverage Check

for the CDMA partner (all 1.0/2.0 phones used this)

Coverage Check CDMA | Republic Wireless


It is true that you don’t have to buy the 3.0 phones from RW as they are all factory unlocked phones.

However, when you buy the phones from RW, the coverage check is part of the order flow and it would

have told you if the S6 is not a suitable phone for your area…if the GSM coverage is not good.

So please punch in your zip code in the coverage checker link above and see what you get. If you get the

message I noted, then you have a coverage issue.

Since the S6 is a GSM only phone, your best recourse is going to be to return the S6 (if feasible) and then

buy a phone directly from RW that comes with CDMA coverage.

If the coverage checker says that the S6 should be ok…then we can explore additional debugging steps.

The coverage checker says that the s6 should be okay in my area. Maybe I downloaded the wrong app??

There is only one app. The other app (with the square green icon) is for the legacy phones and cannot even be downloaded to the S6.

If you didn’t have good cellular coverage when you activated your phone, then the first thing to try is to simply restart the phone outside where you have known good coverage…preferably where the cellular status indicates an H or LTE next to the icon.

If you are able to make cellular calls but just unable to send/receive text messages…take a look at the recommended steps in this document

Troubleshooting Texting Issues

If none of those solutions work, please submit a help ticket.

Republic Help

If you don’t mind sharing your zip code, I would like to take a quick look at the coverage map. Although the coverage checker

is usually fairly accurate, it does have its limitations, so it will be good to review this issue from all angles.


Take a look at the TMobile coverage checker at your exact location and zoom in. There are some dead spots, and perhaps you are in one of them.

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

Coverage appears to be Good to Fair in your area as per the map…sometimes topography can lead to somewhat worse coverage than the map predicts. But try the suggestions in that document.

Do no texts go through? Or is it an intermittent issue?

There should be a Republic arc icon in the notification bar at the very top. If you swipe down from the top, one of the Notifications should say “Republic Wireless - Connected to …”. In order to send/receive messages, it needs to be connected to either wifi or cell. When you are away from wifi, and swipe down to show the notification, what does it say?

This is in my neighborhood and my wife and I have very little issue with GSM coverage. The fair coverage areas are largely unpopulated (I suppose the OP could be the exception). Carefully read through Troubleshooting Texting Issues . The following issues are common:

  • For Republic 3.0 Phones
    You’ll need to ensure that the Android Messages app is installed and set as the default messaging app. While other messaging apps may work, we’ll only provide support for messaging using Android Messages.

  • Text Messages (SMS)
    Our phones, like all phones, need some kind of connectivity to receive a text message. We require a cell connection or WiFi access to the Internet to receive text messages. Once you are connected to cell or WiFi, you will receive your message.

    If you have mobile data or data roaming disabled, you may experience issues with calling or texting. See Check Network Settings or Check Network Settings (KitKat) for instructions on making sure mobile data and roaming data are enabled.

Note: Data roaming is only available on Republic 2.0 Plans.

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