Texting on a Moto G5 plus

My Moto g5plus sends texts very slowly now. How can I fix that?

Are you experiencing this on WiFi or Cell or both?

My texting since low on both Wi-Fi and cellular

My texting is slow on both Wi-Fi and cellular

  • Could you elaborate on the ‘slow’ portion?
    • Is this slow to actually send, slow to receive or both
  • Please provide answers for the questions I raised above

It is slow sending and receiving…It took 22 minutes for a text my wife sent to me this morning.

Sorry to repeat, but answers to these two questions would really help

I’m using Republic Anywhere. It works ok on my Desktop PC.
I don’t know how to go in Safe Mode so I haven’t tried that.

I figured out how to put it in safe mode and you can’t use Republic Anywhere :frowning: :frowning:

Hi @allenl

Try going to Settings/Apps/Anywhere/Storage …and CLEAR CACHE. (I would force stop and restart the app after that).

I’m assuming your RWA app is up-to-date, but it would be remiss not to mention it.

It does use the Android one faster.

in safe mode, that is.

  • If there was something in the link I provided for ==> Safe Mode didn’t work, please let me know so that I can feed that back for any correction.
  • the fact that it worked better in Safe Mode, indicates that some 3rd party app that is on your phone is interfering with Android Messages.
    • You will need to figure out which app it is and either update it or remove it. One way to do this if you have an approximate date the problem started is as follows:
      • Find and open the Google Play Store/:menu: Menu / My apps & games / INSTALLED (tab) / then Sort by last Updated and look for apps added/updated in that timeframe and start removing them 1 at a time and test out of Safe Mode to see if the problem is fixed or still there
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Thank you for your help. It seems to be working better now. :slight_smile:


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