Texting problem on moto g 4gen

My wife complains her texting is asking to use another app but I am unable understand why this keeps asking, any thoughts? Is this SMS vs mms? I wonder if related to switching between wifi and cell?

she does like to deal with unexpected issues so can I setup to only use one?

what app is she using (Google Messenger is recommended)

the app being used needs to be set in the setting–>more–>default sms app

Hi @dennisl.orsulh,

As @drm186 mentions Google Messenger is Republic’s supported messaging app for your wife’s Moto G4. In fact, Google Messenger is the bundled messaging app with Moto G4s, so should have been the default messaging app out of the box. Did your wife change that? I ask because there are third party messaging apps that work but not all of them.

I need to check but she said no she did not change anything. I will get her to recreate the problem which seems to be intermittent, or at least not asking me all the time.

i checked the account and know texts are coming and going right now. Thanks

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