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I just purchased a new Moto G4. My text messages are out of order and sometimes broken up. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks.

Hi @franciss.87io9o

This is common when SMS (short message service) messages are longer than 160 characters. The sending provider breaks up the message into pieces, and many providers do not send the message number along with these pieces to allow messages to be placed back in order. It is annoying but there is nothing Republic can do about it. It is a limitation of SMS technology. This issue happens to me because my sister likes to send really long texts that would be better sent as email.

See: https://community.republicwireless.com/docs/DOC-1861-troubleshooting-texting-issues#jive_content_id_Other_Issues

Thank you for your response. I am not certain that the messages are SMS. My daughter is using whatever message app comes with the Moto G4. She previously had a Moto G 1st gen, which sended and received messages fine. I was told to reinstall the Republic app. If you have more insight feel free to give. Thanks.

Hi @franciss.87io9o,

I’m glad you followed up. SMS is the technical name for text messages (SMS = Text). Text messages with photos or group messages is called MMS (multimedia messaging service). Text messages are designed to be short (160 characters), not lengthy. Each letter, number, symbol and space used counts as a character, significantly limiting the room you have to type. If you’re trying to send or receive anything lengthy (more than 160 characters), the text message may be received out of order. This is normal. It is a limitation of texting technology and not related to the messaging app (Android Messages on the Moto G4) or the Republic app. It will not hurt anything to uninstall and reinstall the Republic app.

Are the texts that your daughter is receiving out of order long? If yes, there is nothing you can do. If the answer is no, would you mind providing more details.

Thank you, again. However, on my personal cell phone (Samsung) I currently have text messages that exceed the 160 character limit, all in 1 piece.

Hi @franciss.87io9o,

When someone sends a long text message (over 160 characters), they might assume the message will be sent (and received) as a unit. This is a common misconception. In reality, the longer message will actually need to be split into multiple fragments before it’s sent. This fragmenting means the message is at risk of being received out of order. For example, if the last “fragment” is much smaller than the first two, it may get to the end user first since the shorter message is sent the fastest. The end users will see out of order messages.

In your personal example of the long text (on the Samsung), the multiple fragments were received in the correct order making it look like one unit.

I understand. Interestingly, I called AT&T. They told me (I personally use them) that text messages to and from their users will not experience a broken message but sending or receiving from Sprint, for example, will. I understand your answer. Thanks again for your time.

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